The concept is simple, you tell us what you want, when you want it and then we deliver it to you. As an internet marketing company you obviously have alot of hungry clients demanding intensive marketing of their product. ‘Your Manuscript’ does all that at a significantly lower cost. SEO articles is the theme of all the freelance materials produced on this sight. Get to see the variety of Writing Samples all just tailored to your needs. You have the opportunity, all you have to do is grab on to it. Contact Us!


  • We are specialized in writing SEO articles on any topic tailored to your specifications, see our Writing Samples!!!!
  • We do proofreading and we love every minute of it!!!!!
  • We do writing of ebooks, you have to see it to believe it

If you are interested you can Contact Us today


Free Trial: You have the opportunity to put our writing skills to the ultimate test by giving you exactly what you want and need, all for free!! If you want SEO, we will write it all for you including the right keyword density and number of words. We recommend before using us to go on the free trial so that you really get what you want.

7 days: If after seeing our samples and liking our free trial, you can use our skills to do articles for you for 7 days all for damn cheap. We will strictly follow your specifications, no questions asked.

30 days: Similar with the preceding except with this one, we go the extra mile. Here’s how it is, you will have 5 articles everyday. Quality articles a day!

Masters; This is the big one, you call the shots, you call the deadlines, you say what you want. You negotiate the terms for a minimum of 3 months partnership with us.

It would be nice working with you

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